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Humble Bundle Provides Development Opportunities!

Gamers can always count on the Humble Bundle for putting out some of the best game deals anyone could hope for on a weekly basis. This week they are giving game developers amazing deals as well! With the Humble Game Maker Bundle (which is actually the second of its kind so far), people can obtain inexpensive copies of Game Maker Studio Professional and its iOS, Android, HTML5, and Windows UWP modules! For those that don’t know, modules essentially allow for developers to publish their works made with Game Maker onto those respective platforms. This means anyone with $15 to spare can make a game for mobile devices, tablets, internet browsers, Windows 10, and the Xbox One! Note that all of these resources typically costs hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to obtain.

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Not into making your own games just yet? Well, there’s still plenty to enjoy with the Humble Game Maker Bundle. Along with that fancy-schmancy Game Maker toolkit, you’ll also receive a bunch of games depending on how much you pay. The games are only for PC (unless otherwise noted), and consist of both downloadable files and keys to redeem on Steam.

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The following games are obtainable at any price the person wishes to pay:

  • Uncanny Valley
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious!
  • INK
  • Extreme Burger Defense (source code included)
  • Freeway Mutant (source code included)
  • Shep Hard (source code included)
  • Angry Chicken: Egg Madness (for Android – source code included)

The following games require the person pay the average to unlock:

  • Home
  • Solstice
  • Galactic Missile Defense (for Android – source code included)
  • Uncanny Valley‘s source code
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious‘s source code
  • INK’s source code
  • 10 Second Ninja X (source code included)

The following games require the person pay $15 to unlock:

  • Home‘s source code
  • Solstice‘s source code
  • Flop Rocket (for Android – source code included)

There’s quite a load of options for both players and developers! I know I will be doing what I can to put my own game, Dynamite Alex, on Xbox One thanks to this bundle.


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