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How To Get The Division’s 150 Free Phoenix Credits

The Division has been dealing with a number of technical difficult snags and glitches within the last couple of weeks after post launch. To make it up to the Hardcore players, the developers are giving out 150 Phoenix Credits. This is in-game currency used to purchase some of the very best loot. Here is how to get your share:

Inside the base of operation, below the central stairwell leading up to the tech wing all the way back to the back of the room stands a man behind a table. This is the rewards claim vendor. And, if you have not linked your Ubisoft account to the game you might have not noticed him. Move up and talk to the man behind the table. Tab over to resources and scroll down. Highlight your stack of Phoenix Credits and claim them. This is not a bad gift if we’re being honest. All together this is equivalent to three days of hard grinding end game missions.

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