How To Get Pikachu as A Starter In Pokémon Go

Back in the 90’s the original Pokémon Yellow Version game let players capture and play with a Pikachu for the first time; it was an event that shadowed similar sircumstances in the popular show. In the Yellow Pokémon game, instead of choosing between the three starter Pokémon Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, players had to choose a fourth option. That option happened to be everyone’s favorite little electrical rodent, Pikachu. Now it is 2016 and while it may not be obvious to most Pokémon Go collectors, there is indeed a method in which one can get a Pikachu at the start of a new game.

As tradition from the animated show to the classic Yellow Verison game, Pokemon Go also follows suit and allows the option to select Pikachu from the start of the journey. As a secret option, the game actually has four starter Pokémon to choose from. Many fans who have already gone past level 5 in the game may not want to restart their Pokémon careers in order to acquire a Pikachu and may be frustrated that the option wasn’t as obvious as it should have been. Those who have yet to play the game can pick up the little yellow pocket monster with a simple solution. In order to get Pikachu at the start of the game all you have to do is not select any of the three that initially show up. You’ll have to ignore the three starter Pokémon until they are gone from the map. Walking away from them four times will trigger a Pikachu to spawn alongside the three starters on the next attempt. From there on out, it will be up to you to be the greatest collector that ever was.

Pokémon Go is now available to download on Android and iOS in their respective stores. The game has quickly grown in popularity on the iOS platform becoming one of the top downloaded games as of launch. For those who still do not have access to the game download, here is an article we wrote with instructions on how to download the game by other means.

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