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How Long Can You VR??

I, just like the next person am a tech geek and love the virtual reality idea. To simply put a device on my head and be virtually teleported to my favorite worlds, and interacting with characters, items and environments. Sign me up!!

However in reality the experience is not all we expect. Owning a mobile VR for the Galaxy Note 4 and using the Oculus Rift at trade shows the initial experience is great. But that is where I challenge the idea. I think virtual reality demos very well. Put the device on your head, move your head around, interact with some items and teleport to that world…demo up.

Such an experience would favor a Mobile VR for the short interactive applications/games. But to say I am going into my man cave with a 65in TV and surround sound to strap on a 5in screen headset, headphones, controller and tether to a computer/PlayStation 4 for a 2 hour gaming session in VR might not be the ideal case. In addition your nice comfy reclining couch does not function well with VR, you need a spinning office chair to see the entire environment. How would you like to get killed in a game because you cannot physically turn around to see the enemy as your couch cushion got in the way?

That being said, I still like the experience when it works, but just like Kinect when these VRs get into the real world your experience will vary.

Microsoft HoloLens
Microsoft Concept Illumiroom

However with the Hololens I can see this more of an enhancement to the current gaming experience. , Similar to Kinect, the other VR devices need specific experiences programed and created for the end user. Where Hololens can project an Illumiroom experience and still provide you with the gaming experience you know, but enhancing it. Besides the cost of these devices (that is another story) a Hololens would be a more contained and free moving experience, whereas the other VR experiences (less the mobile VR) you need hand controllers, cameras and tethered to a computer.

Like I experienced with the freedom of mobile VR, if Hololens functions in a contained environment with vision to the outside world I can see an experience that would last a lot longer than a demo.

In all, I do not think VR in general, whether it be Hololens or Morphus, will be a savor or next evolution to gaming. It will just add another experience to the varying and ever changing game environment.

However, you never know E3 can change everything!!


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