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Housemarque Reveals Artwork and Setting for New Game ‘Jarvis Project’

Housemarque, creators of such games as Resogun and Alienation, promises that it will bring back arcade competitive gaming with the new game codenamed ‘Jarvis Project’.

Little has been revealed about the new game Jarvis Project. Aside from  a very early “mood piece”, the information regarding the Jarvis Project has been kept completely under wraps. The only thing you might be able to say for sure about the game is there will be robots. The game is secretive  that even the robot inclusion is a shot in the dark. While the premise and gameplay is still a mystery steady information has been streaming through. Today Housemarque unveiled new concept art for its still unnamed game. The visual aesthetic of ‘Jarvis Project’ is being dubbed “Cablepunk” by Housemarque.

What is Cablepunk? Game Director of Jarvis Project Harry Krueger explains below.

In a lot of science fiction movies or games you see clean curves, clean energy… although that works it feels a bit sterile to me […] Cablepunk is basically retro-Cyberpunk. It shares a lot of similarities, but it’s very retro in its aesthetic […] it relies on more primitive parts: you see a lot of cables, a lot of panels with blinking lights…

You can check out more details about the art direction in the video below.

More information about Jarvis Project will be releasing in the upcoming months including but not limited to gameplay and the final name of the game. If you’re interested in the game or any of Housemarque’s past titles you can find out more at housemarque.com.

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