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Hololens Release Games Lineup Revealed

Update: Clarified that Fortune originally published the article and the sharp-eyed users at the Hololens sub-Reddit spotted the news.

Microsoft’s press conference last week was billed as an Xbox One and Windows 10 event but the upcoming Hololens made some news for itself as well. In fact, preorders for the augmented reality device began on Monday, February 29th according to an article from Fortune which was quickly pulled. Several users from Reddit had already spotted the article and shared the contents. The Hololens Development Edition carries a $3,000 price tag and is packed with a mindboggling amount of documentation and instructional videos to help developers create applications for the device. We can now tell you that three games from Microsoft will be included with the Development Edition.

Fragments – You play the role of an investigator as the area around you is transformed into a crime scene. You will be able to analyze evidence that you find in the area and speak with suspects as you determine which one committed the dastardly deed. “Fragments blends the line between the digital world and the real world more than any other experience we built. When your living room has been used as the set for a story, it generates memories for you of what digitally happened in your space like it was real. It is an experience that bridges the uncanny valley of your mind and delivers a new form of storytelling like never before,” said Kudo Tsunoda, Microsoft corporate vice president wrote in the game’s official description.

Young Conker – The rude and crude squirrel is ready for a new adventure… in your living room! The area around you is transformed into a level for Conker to explore. This means the game should have considerable replay valuenas different rooms represent entirely new levels.“It is amazing how different the play experience feels based on playing the game in your living room versus your kitchen or your bedroom. Even starting the game from a different position in a single room creates an entirely new gameplay dynamic,” Tsunoda wrote.

RoboRaid – The final game can best be described as a first person shooter which pits you against enemies who tear through your walls to attack you. Sound plays a large role in this game as you will need to listen carefully in order to determine which direction the enemies will use to approach you.

There will also be three non-gaming apps available at launch. One is a version of Skype which allows you to interact with others as holograms. HoloStudio is an application that lets you create 3D images at realistic scales and export them to other apps. Finally, HoloTour allows you to enjoy 360 degree experiences with sound in locations such as Rome.

This summer Microsoft will release ActionGram which can be used to combine holograms with real world elements in videos which can be shared.“These are videos that previously could only be created using expensive effects packages by people with extensive 3D training,” noted Tsunoda.

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