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Universe 6 Hit, Beerus and More have been added to the Dragonball FighterZ Roster


In an article from saiyanisland, there were several scanned images of characters to be included in the upcoming game,  Dragonball FighterZ. The first is from Shonen Jump: Hit the assassin from Universe 6, Beerus and Rose Goku Black. All will be making their way to the roster. Hit looks to have his time skip technique and Beerus looks to have his God of Destruction Wrath Technique.

In the Goku Black scan it appears he will have Zamasu as support with his combos. This is a little disappointing to not have him in the game as a playable character, but do understand the reasoning. Zamasu in the anime didn’t really show to many techniques during the show and was fairly weak.

In the last scan of Shuisesha’s magazine is non other than mythical wish granting dragon Shenron! It is said that when players do combos, they will be able to gather the 7 Dragonballs. The Dragonballs will be shared amongst the players. When one of the players are able to fulfill the conditions required, they will then be able to summon the mighty Shenron.

Whoever fulfills the conditions first will be able to choose one of the following options: completely recovering their HP, reviving a fellow teammate that has been defeated, hearth will gradually recover over time, or  get a fully charged energy meter.

With these added characters this brings the total number of the current roster to 23.


The roster includes:

  • Gotenks
  • Kid Buu
  • Adult Gohan
  • Goku
  • Super Saiyan Blue Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
  • Android 16
  • Android 18
  • Captain Ginyu
  • Cell
  • Future Trunks
  • Frieza
  • Teen Gohan
  • Majin Buu
  • Krillin
  • Nappa
  • Piccolo
  • Tien
  • Yamcha
  • Beerus
  • Hit
  • Goku Black( Super Saiyan Rose)

Dragonball FighterZ wil be released for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, on January 26, 2018.


Take a look at the scans below.




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