Here are your PlayStation Plus games for July 2019

Summer has officially begun and we hope you are making the most of it. July brings lots of barbecues, road trips and for Americans an opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of our independence. There will also be a pair of new PlayStation Plus games for you to enjoy. Those of you in Spain will even get a third game this month as a bonus. Without further ado, here are your PlayStation Plus games for July 2019.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Konama has been bringing us games from the Pro Evolution Soccer for ages now and this is a great time to sink your cleats into the latest game in the series. This one has a couch co-op mode for up to four players or you can go online to see how well you rank against other soccer fans.

Horizon Chase Turbo

If you were an arcade gamer back in the day or a big fan of Sega you probably remember their glorious racing titles like Super Hang On and Outrun. The developers of Horizon Chase Turbo say that this game is a tribute to those racing games of old. You will race the clock against a backdrop of gorgeous environments.

CoolPaintr VR (Spain only)

It may be a bit of a misnomer to refer to this one as a game. It is an app that lets you paint but the virtual reality aspect is kind of cool because you can walk around and observe your masterpieces from other angles. You will need a PlayStation VR set and a Move controller in order to do anything with this app.

And there you have it. What do you think of your PlayStation Plus games for July 2019?

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