Help Deadpool Host SNL

Update: Recently Ryan Reynolds posted a video on why Deadpool will not be hosting SNL in the future. This is a parody of the Kayne West rant from a past SNL appearance by the rapper. Nothing has been said about Deadpool hosting SNL at this moment.


Original Story-


Change can only happen if we all get together with one voice. With that one voice the nerds on this planet can change anything. Deadpool was a movie that came from nothing to be a huge hit movie. Took eleven years and just when no one thought  Deadpool would get made, the nerds spoke. First the script was leaked to the fans, and then the amazing test footage showed up. The fans coming together made this movie possible.

So sign this petition today telling Lorne Micheals of Saturday Night Live to let Deadpool host the show. So far the called “Have Deadpool host Saturday Night Live” has gain almost 70,000 signatures. Don’t waste another moment of your busy day playing The Division Beta. Just click this link and share your voice today.

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