TinyBuild announces launch date for Hello Neighbor

Grab your flashlight and tons of boxes, because Hello Neighbor has an official launch date!

After a good amount of time fleshing things out in their public alpha, Dynamic Pixels and TinyBuild have finally put a street date on their stealth horror/puzzle game, Hello Neighbor: August 29th! Alex Nichiporchik, CEO of TinyBuild, took to Twitter and to Steam to publicly announce the good news.

Kept you waiting on the launch date, huh? 🙂

It’s official. Hello Neighbor will launch on Steam on August 29th.

Since the Pre-Alpha, the AI has evolved significantly. We’re in deep crunch right now, so if we find time, maaaybe we’ll do a video for the current state.

It appears the game may be skipping the beta phase altogether, but there is still plenty of time for another couple of updates to be made public before the big launch at the end of August. Fans have already seen a huge evolution in the game since the Kickstarter launched in October 2015. Though Dynamic Pixels missed their original target of November 2016 by a bit, it’s good to see a crownfunded game come to fruition with plenty of improvements along the way.

We here at TICGN are very excited for the launch of Hello Neighbor. We wrote an in-depth look at the alpha 4 build some time ago, and were pleasantly surprised at how much was already available and flushed out. We’ll be sure to give you a full review once the game becomes available in a few months.

In the meantime, the alpha is still available for purchase directly from their website, with the promise of the full version once things go live. Players in the U.S. who are already neck-deep in the Neighbor’s insanity might do well to check out Hot Topic, for a purpose which can neither be confirmed nor denied.


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