Hellboy Fails to Defeat Shazam at the Box Office

This weekend Hellboy failed to take the top spot away from Shazam. The DC movie has one more weekend at the top movie under its belt. Shazam grossed an estimated $25 million bringing its domestic run to $94 million. The four movies released this weekend didn’t do as well as Shazam.

Hellboy opened in the top three this weekend. The movie has been getting negative reviews from the critics and fans. Hellboy has only had a domestic release which grossed $12 million to start off its theatrical run. That’s not a great start since this movie is supposed to be the start of a whole new franchise. Little fared about the same with a disappointing $15 million opening weekend. After and Missing Link both failed to gross more than $7 million. This was just a bad weekend for new movies. Shazam may not have the power that Aquaman had at the box office, it will have a good run with over $200 million world-wide.

Weekend Top Three

3. Hellboy $12 million

2. Little $15 million

1. Shazam $25 million

I was wrong thinking that one of those four movies could stop Shazam. It looks like next week we may see some of same movies in the top three. Breakthrough is opening in 2,700 theaters and the Disneynature film Penguins is opening in 1,700. Don’t expect these two films to make a huge stack of cash. The one movie that will have the opportunity to easily take the top spot is the next movie in The Conjuring universe. The Curse of La Llorona is being released in over 3,400 theaters.

All of these movies have this upcoming weekend to make as much money as they can. We all know what’s coming out on April 26th. Avengers: Endgame is looking like it will have a record-breaking opening weekend. If you decided that this was the weekend to turn off you phone and unplug from the world, you missed something important. The first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released. It does feature some spoilers and the title confirms my theory that Rey and Kylo are siblings.

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