Harukana Receive TIC

Harukana Receive Gets a Premier Date

It seems like July is shaping up to be full of new anime releases. Harukana Receive, a beach volleyball anime, will make its debut July 6. Also included with the premier date is a new trailer and visual that you can check out below.

Harukana Recieve TIC

If you haven’t heard of Harukana Receive before here is a brief synopsis: The story follows Haruka a high school girl who moves to Okinawa. There she is fascinated with the beach that her house overlooks. She then goes outside the front door only to see a volleyball team that her cousin, Kanata, once played with. However, Kanata gave up volleyball a long time ago. Is it possible for Haruka to get her cousin back into the sport again in time for the tournament?

Source: Animenewsnetwork

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