Halo Developer 343 Industries Working with Twitch Streamer Summit1G

It appears that a collaboration will be formed between Halo developer 343 Industries and Twitch streamer Summit1G.

According to Summit’s latest stream, a 343 Industries representative has contacted him in hopes of a collaboration. Summit, one of the top streamers on Twitch, has shared in the past of his fondness of the franchise. With his recent 60K+ viewership spike on Sea of Thieves, Summit1G has helped Sea of Thieves top even Fortnite as the most viewed game on Twitch. While it is not revealed what Summit may do with the Halo dev, 343 Industries may be looking to collaborate with the streaming community as a whole.

While some people may find this collaboration odd, it’s not uncommon for developers to work with streamers when releasing games. Apex Legends, the latest game released by Respawn and EA, has had gameplay feedback from another Twitch streamer by the name of Shroud. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Twitch streamer Ninja as someone who could collaborate with 343 Industries; he was a Halo pro player after all.

One of the more interesting details from this exchange between both parties is that if 343 Industries is hoping to collaborate on Halo Infinite, it would signal a potential PC release of the game because Summit himself is mainly a PC player. The release of Halo on the PC shouldn’t come to a surprise to gamers, Microsoft has publicly stated all Xbox first party games will release on console and the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 PCs.

Whether or not Summit and 343 Industries are working together on Halo Infinite is not certain. Make sure to follow TiCGamesNetwork for all your Halo news.

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