Halo 5 ViDoc- A Hero Reborn

Microsoft and 343 Studios have recently released a new video documentary (or ViDoc for short) about Halo 5: Guardians. The video was focused on what 343 planned to do going into the new generation and how it’s effected the campaign.

In the video, 343 states that Halo 5 is the game that is going to prove that they’re the right people to be making Halo; claiming that Halo 4 was more of a test run due to 343 building both a new studio and a new game at the same time.

343 goes on to talk about how Master Chief and Agent Locke’s teams drastically changes Halo 5‘s campaign and differentiates it it from past games. The teammates add a whole new level of depth to both gameplay and story; as the teammates can be commanded to do a variety of things that lets players take on fights tactically. The teammates add to the story because they add a contrast between Master Chief and Agent Locke; Master Chief’s team is made up of Chief’s closest friends, while Locke’s team is completely new.

343 has worked hard to make sure that the teammates don’t steal the player’s thunder though. They say that there have been people whose sole job on the game is making sure that the AI is good but that they don’t steal the sense of empowerment a player gets from playing as a legendary Spartan.

343 also says that the new Spartan Abilities were added to help players change both the way they fight enemies and to open up new areas of the campaign, stating that there are secret areas that are only accessed by using the abilities.

The video ends with 343 saying that they want to amaze players with Halo 5 and leave players saying “Wow” by the end of the campaign.

Halo 5: Guardians is set to release on October 27, only on Xbox One.

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