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Halo 5 Opening Cinematic Revealed

The opening cinematic has just been revealed for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Halo 5: Guardians. In the trailer you see Agent Locke receive his mission orders.

The orders (given by UNSC Infinity Commander Thomas Lasky and Spartan Sarah Palmer) are to recover Dr. Halsey who is currently being held by the Sangheili  on the Covenant planet that you see in the trailer. What goes on after the orders are given is instantaneous action that gets your heart racing and your blood pumping.

Now something that might not be exactly known about the trailer is that this is fully pre-rendered however, everything viewed in the trailer is in-game assets so you should expect to see this amazing quality throughout the entire game. Finally, right after the trailer ends is where the gameplay will start when the game launches, so be ready to be thrown right in the deep end, Spartans.

Halo 5: Guardians launches October 27 exclusively on Xbox One, however, if you buy the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Collectors Edition or the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Console, you’ll be able to pick those up a week early on October 20 to preload the game digitally.

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