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Halo 5 Free Cartographer’s Gift Update Out Now

A new free update for the Xbox Exclusive Halo 5 named Cartographer’s Gift was released on Wednesday. The update includes the highly anticipated Forge mode which has been rebuilt specifically for Halo 5. The newly revamped Forge according to 343 Industries allows more power and control to the Forge Community.

The Cartographer’s Gift update brings a beloved weapon back to the game. The classic M41 Rocket Launcher returns to Halo 5 in the form of an accessible REQ acquired from the games REQ pack system for use in the games Warzone multiplayer mode. The Rocket features multiple variants that can be acquired through REQs.


Along with the M41 is the inclusion of a Classic BR REQ also available for use in Warzone. Gold skins have been added as Legendary REQs applicable to the DMR, Battle Rifle, Pistol, Assault Rifle and SMG. The Classic Mark IV MJOLNIR armor worn by Master Chief himself in the original Halo game is now available through REQ packs as a Legendary item.

Along with these classic Halo items that will sure to please Halo fans are many other new REQs added to the game with the new update. New Assassinations called “Nice Try” and “Oh Snap” have been added to REQ packs which allow a new personal touch for you to finish off unsuspecting opponents in Halo 5’s multiplayer.

New maps have been added to the game but are exclusive to certain modes.

  • Warzone: Battle of Noctus
  • Arena: Overgrowth
  • Big Team Battle: Entombed, Antifreeze

The Spartan Companies group feature that is new to Halo has been expanded to include service records and company commendations which allows more XP and REQs to be earned upon completion of these new commendations exclusive to Spartan Companies.

New controller settings have been added to Halo 5 to help players fine tune their aiming settings. These settings were added due to the community of players (along with myself) who felt the aiming in Halo 5 was a bit odd. It includes the addition of the adjustable look acceleration which ranges from 1 to 5. If you played other Halo games or the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta and like how the aiming felt in the beta more than in the full game you will want to set your look acceleration to 2. That is the setting that was used during the Halo 5 beta according to 343 Industries.

Other settings included are inner and outer deadzone settings that default at 10% and 12% which typically shouldn’t be messed with. Click here if you are interested or feel you would like to tune your deadzones as 343 Industries gives tips on how to go about tuning deadzones for your controller for those who feel the need to do so.

However, if you feel great about Halo 5’s aiming no settings were altered with Cartographer’s Gift so you can expect everything to be and feel the same. These settings are just new options available to players who would like to adjust look acceleration and deadzones.

For fellow multiplayer lovers, Pre-Season in Halo 5’s Arena is over as Season 1 for Halo 5’s Arena is now underway. After playing 10 matches you are placed in a one of seven divisions, although you are able to advance to higher divisions through victory in Arena. Finishing your placement matches in a playlist will unlock an exclusive Season 1 REQ pack at the end of the Season. So be sure to get ranked before the Season is over to get your exclusive REQs!

A ranked Holiday Doubles playlist is available until January 4th so grab a buddy or loved one and slay together in some 2v2 action! Social unranked playlists have been added to Halo 5’s Arena as Holiday Social which features game modes such as Slayer and Snipers will be available for the Holidays until January 4th and Big Team Battle has made the switch to an unranked social playlist.

Playing Halo 5 during the holiday season will grant you two exclusive holiday themed emblems Spartan Clause and Candy Canes which are now available! The Cartographer’s Gift free update is now live for Halo 5, exclusive for Xbox One.


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