Halo 5 Forge PC Specs Revealed

The sorely anticipated Halo franchise will finally be hitting the PC soon thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere efforts. Microsoft and 343 Industries have noted in various press releases that Halo 5 would bring custom games, Forge, and online play. As proof of their work, a spec sheet has been released detailing the settings of the game.

Although this may mark the return of the Halo franchise on PC, fans shouldn’t anticipate the full Halo 5 experience with this release. As said before, the game will only feature the online component along with the tools to build several different maps and gametypes. While an issue to some, the robust Forge features may hold over PC fans until a full release. Players on Xbox have built insane creations on Forge that have given the game new life. The content created on either device will be playable on both Xbox and Windows 10 PC’s.

PC fans may be skeptical of the support seeing as how games like Quantum Break and Gears of War Ultimate Edition arrived with flaws on day one. Many would hold off on pre ordering a game were this Steam but obtusely enough, the Windows Store offers no pre order support meaning potential players will have no choice but to hold off and look at the reviews before purchasing the game. No pre ordering may be a hassle to some but in this case it may just be a plus.

Halo 5 Forge releases September 8, 2016. For more PC gaming goodness follow us @TiCGameNetwork.

Halo 5 PC

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