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GT Sport Livery Editor, Scapes Features Detailed

Last month the long awaited and oft requested livery editor feature was announced for the Gran Turismo series. The new feature will make its debut in the PS4 exclusive GT Sport which releases later this year. However, it is unclear just how much freedom we will have when designing liveries for our in-game vehicles. Game producer Kazunori Yamauchi has recently offered additional information about the livery editor:

There will be two steps in that, where the first step is really a system by which you can take stickers from a sticker library, and project them onto the cars, and then the next step beyond that is being able to design those stickers yourself. So it’ll consist of those two separate tools.

This approach could bring us the best of both worlds. Players who are short on time can choose premade decals and graphics for their cars but the option for custom artwork and team logos will be there for those who want that level of control. The screenshot featured in this article suggests that even the rear wings, side mirrors and wheels can be customized.

Kazunori also shared some information regarding Photomode in GT Sport. The Photomode we know and love will be back but it seems that the all new Scapes feature has some limitations. While this feature has over a thousand different locations, you will not be able to freely move the camera around the environment for your perfect shot. Younwill be able to pan and tilt the camera though which gives you a bit of control when framing the perfect photo of your ride.

Will you be picking up GT Sport when it releases on November 15th?

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