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Grant Gustin teases new villain for ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ appearance

The CW has become synonymous with TV adaptations of your favorite masked crusaders. It’s adaptation of beloved speedster, ‘The Flash’ proved a success in its recently concluded debut season. ‘The Flash’ was originally introduced to TV fans as a spin-off to ‘The Arrow’, another hit adaptation of a superhero franchise. ‘The Flash’ succeeded in its debut season as a spin-off and also, as an original platform in expanding the ever-growing DC television universe. ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is a spinoff of ‘The Flash’ and it is set to grace our TV screens this fall. It features time-traveler Rip Hunter(Arthur Davill) attempting to band together heroes from the DC Universe such as Atom(Brandon Routh) with villains like ‘Captain Cold'(Wentworth Miller) to fight greater threats.

Grant Gustin who plays ‘The Flash’ recently accepted the well deserved ‘Breakthrough Performance Award’ at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank and teased some details on the upcoming season two of ‘The Flash’ as well as ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Gustin revealed his longstanding DC fandom and shared details of the ‘The Flash’ saying “a really cool big bad that’s going to be revealed kind of immediately”. When asked about ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, he said “I am going to be part of that right out of the gates as well. So I don’t really know what to expect from that show yet, I don’t think anybody does, but i’m excited to be a part of it. I get to be Flash in on three TV shows. I was unemployed a year and a half ago, so that’s pretty cool.”

Gustin’s comments suggest that the crossover between the DC shows on the CW will continue and fans can expect to see Gustin’s character in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Even with the lack of specificity, it does appear that ‘The Flash’ will appear in the pilot episode of it’s spin-off and the already released trailer supports Gustin’s statements. CW’s ‘The Flash’ ¬†first season was filled with notable villains and characters from the comic series, with the ‘Reverse Flash(Eobard Thorne)’ serving as the big baddie for the debut season. I’m curious to see who the Barry Allen team will come up against in its sophomore season and Gustin’s comments at the very least, confirms that we will have a big baddie. I would expect this villain to be plucked out of the establish comic book series albeit a few twists here and there. There are still plenty of classic villains that the show has not yet explored and given the show’s willingness to cross into the Multiverse arc from the comic books, the possibilities are indeed, endless.

The second season of ‘The Flash’ premieres in the fall of 2015 on the CW as well as the fourth season of ‘The Arrow’. ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is also set to debut in the CW’s 2015/2016 season.


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