Grand Theft Auto series has over 220 million shipped units

Grand Theft Auto has been one of gaming’s biggest series ever since the days of the Play Station 2. Well, Take-Two has recently revealed just how big it actually is. The company, who owns Rockstar and all of its franchises, has shown in a document to their shareholders  that the Grand Theft Auto series has shipped over 220 million shipped units, with Grand Theft Auto V being 54 million of those units.

This means that Grand Theft Auto is the third biggest game series of all-time after Mario (over 509 million sales) and Pokemon (270 million sales). However, some count the Super Mario sub-series as its own series; the Super Mario series consists of all of the platforming Mario games and has sold around 298 million units, which would put Grand Theft Auto in fourth place.

Grand Theft Auto V shipping 54 million units means that it is the one of the highest selling games of all-time. Grand Theft Auto V sits along such classics as Tetris (the king of highest selling games), MinecraftWii Sports and Super Mario Bros.

Not shabby for a series of M rated games that have constantly been the cause of large public controversies. For all of the latest news on the Grand Theft Auto series, stay tuned to TiCGN.

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