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Grand Theft Auto 2 Announcements Could Be Coming

Thanks to Games Bulletin for posting their article and informing us of the news. You can find there site here. Article continues below.

A post on the r/gaming subreddit seems to have slipped under the radar. Reddit user wpxneptune posted an image which he claimed was taken from the website for the Playstation game Grand Theft Auto 2.

Grand Theft Auto 2
The Grand Theft Auto 2 website shows a timer.

The image, which is shown above, shows a screenshot of the GTA2 website. As you can clearly see there are two deadlines. The first is dated 3rd February 2016, while the second is dated 24th February 2016.

Upon entering the GTA2 website you will be greeting with a radio tuning animation, while you listen to what appears to be news broadcasts from the game’s release. A variety of people speak during the animation, and while the speak is muffled and has some background static you can make out most of what is being said. The audio features words like “absolutely disgusting”, “refused to sell it to young children”, “sends mixed messages” and “not in the possible best taste”.

Could this be another Playstation game being remade for modern consoles? It’s not the first time. The Playtation classic Final Fantasy 7 is receiving the full remake treatment, and maybe this will be another game to add to that list. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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