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Gran Turismo Sport Offers Two Graphics Modes: 1080p and Dynamic 4K With Supersampling

Gran Turismo Sport is releasing on October 17th. It’s not too long before we will be able to get behind the wheel of one of 170 cars that Polyphony Digital recreated for us.
If you can’t wait though, you can already test out a few cars and tracks. Sony just released a Time Limited demo of the game but it’s only running until 4:00 pm BST on October 12th, giving you just a few days to try the game out for free.

The game looks very impressive on both regular PS4 and PS4 PRO consoles. PS4 runs the game in native 1080p resolution at a stable 60 FPS throughout most of the game. The VG Tech frame-rate analysis video picked up only few minor frame-rate dips on PS4. Watch it below:

So what does the PS4 PRO version of the game bring to the table? It seems like the PS4 Pro offers two graphical modes. Prioritize Quality and Prioritize Frame-rate modes.

Prioritize Quality mode offers dynamic 4K resolution – checker boarded 1800p up scaled to 4K to be exact – and stable 60 fps. Prioritize frame rate mode offers native 1080p resolution in 60 FPS as well. I should also mention that 4K mode offers super-sampling for 1080p TV owners.
So what difference do these two modes make? Prioritize Quality mode seems to offer motion blur and runs replays in only 30 fps. Prioritize frame-rate lacks motion blur but offers 60 fps during replays.
If you are not bothered about 30 fps during replays I would recommend Quality Mode as the other mode do not improve frame-rate during the actual game-play.

But at the end of the day the decision is yours.

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