Google Reportedly Working On A Game Streaming Service

Google could be working on a subscription-based game streaming service similar to PlayStation Now according to a recent article on The Information (You will need to be an active subscriber to that site to read it). The alleged project is apparently code-named “Yeti” and its development is said to be so far along that Google actually considered launching it during the last holiday season.

Early versions of Project Yeti were apparently capable of streaming gameplay to Chromecast devices but Google may have developed custom hardware and a controller for the streaming service.

Interestingly, Google has recently hired Phil Harrison – a longtime industry veteran who has worked for both Sony and Microsoft. He will work for the company’s hardware division.

The benefit of streaming is that modern video games can be played without first having to purchase a pricey PC or console. The closest existing competitor to Google’s rumored service would be PlayStation Now which offers access to hundreds of video games for a subscription fee.

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