Good News for Paper Mario Fans!

As you may know, I have been somewhat obsessing over the Paper Mario series and highlighting how much it has been pushed to the side as of late, but conveniently enough, there is some news that I’m sure can please some people out there that are feeling the same kind of dread as I am.

Paper Mario - TICGN

Super Paper Mario unexpectedly arrived onto the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U yesterday for the price of $19.99! That game is basically the finale of the original series of Paper Mario installments, albeit with gameplay that’s much unlike its predecessors. If you have yet to play it, I highly suggest you give it a go. In fact, I intended to do sort of a “retro” review for the game to celebrate the re-release,¬†once the issues with our website’s review settings are fixed.

And, in an interview with GameXplain, the interviewees working on Color Splash have expressed an interest in remastering a Paper Mario game for a new generation if there is enough fan demand (although that part should have been made clear by the many fans that already demanded such a thing). This could very well mean Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door could get a second exposure at some point in the future (not that the Nintendo 64 original wouldn’t be welcome, though)!

Let’s be hopeful and see if Nintendo could dish out a remaster sooner than we may all think.

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