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Goku’s New Form Is Finally Revealed For Dragon Ball Super

If you were dying to know what Goku’s mysterious new form will look like in Dragon ball super, then you’re in luck.

A scan released from Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Magazine, showing Goku’s powerful new form. There isn’t a big difference in terms of style; it’s his base form with his hair raised in between normal and super saiyan. A month ago a scan was released with Goku in his new form, but it only showed his back with red aura.

The big difference is in his eyes, in his base form we all know that his eyes are black, in his super saiyan 1-3 form is eyes are green, in his super saiyan God form they are red and finally his super saiyan God super saiyan form it’s blue; but now we have taken it into a whole different level. Goku’s eyes are now silver.

That’s right! Silver! With a blue aura around him. Though with the scan released over a month ago showing the red aura; we can only assume that it will be a mixture of the blue and red aura. The design may be simple but sometimes simple is better. Now we await to see how strong will he become and how the balance of power will be shifted in the tournament of power that is currently in progress. Also will the prince of saiyan’s Vegeta receive the new form as well.

Until then check out the scan below Also check out the English scansfrom @YonkouProductions on twitter.






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