God Eater 3 Introduces Habakiri, Heavy Moon & More

    Bandai Namco recently shared more screenshots of God Eater 3. Among these are images that give us a look at the new Heavy Moon weapon and Habakiri enemy. We also get to see new variants of returning weapons.

    Famitsu recently ran an article that provides more information on these new things. According to Silicon Era, Famitsu’s article states that the Heavy Moon will have slow attacks that hit a wide area while it is in chakram form. The weapon also has the ability to transform into an axe and deliver a lot of damage to a smaller area.

    The humanoid Habakiri is capable of moving very quickly thanks to the rocket boosters on its legs. In addition to the swords on its arms, it also wields the power of electricity and can zap God Eaters from a distance.

    Since our last article on God Eater 3, Bandai Namco have revealed quite a few details that we previously missed. This new entry in the series will have players venturing into the Ashlands, a region full of particles that deteriorate everything. Still, some Aragami have adapted to the hostile environment, and they may be the most fearsome yet. Certain beasts are even capable of devouring God Eaters and entering Burst states of their own.

    To combat these threats, Fenrir relies on the Adapative God Eaters (AGE). These warriors are even closer to Aragami and more resistant to the Ashlands. Naturally, the custom protagonist is an AGE. As such, they have access to the new Engage and Accelerator Trigger mechanics. The Engage system provides buffs while characters stay close together while Accelerator Trigger skills activate when the player performs specific actions such as performing a just guard.

    Bandai Namco have also shared more details on the Biting Edge and Ray Gun weapons we saw in the initial trailer. The Biting Edge normally takes the form of two daggers for quick slash attacks. They can also combine to form a double-bladed polearm with greater range and damage output. However, this form stops stamina from regenerating, so players will need to take care not to overdo it. The Ray Gun fires a steady beam of Oracle Cells that increases in intensity the longer it is active. It is most effective when players use all their ammunition in one go, but that requires avoiding interruptions.

    God Eater 3 does not currently have a release date. When it does launch, it will be available on PS4 and PC.

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