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Glover 2 Prematurely Announced for Nintendo Switch

Does anyone remember Glover? The name may be familiar to you if you’ve played on a Nintendo 64, Playstation, or PC back in 1998. The title has gained somewhat of a cult following over the decades, but it has never returned to the spotlight in an official manner. That is, until Golden Mushroom Studio created a Twitter account recently. On this account, they’ve revealed that Glover is coming back in the form of a sequel.

While no concrete materials of the game are shown, Glover 2 is said to contain features like a multiplayer mode, HD graphics, and an orchestral soundtrack. It’s worth noting that while a Glover 2 was once planned back in the day, this revival is not related to the canceled game (although there may be a chance it’ll borrow a few things from it). Interestingly, unlike its multiplatform predecessor, the game will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

This all sounds find and dandy, but there are apparently a few hurdles standing in the way. You see, although the Glover trademark has been dead in the US and Europe since 2008, Piko Interactive picked up the US rights for the IP last year. Golden Mushroom didn’t take this into account when they announced the title, and not aiding the situation is their lack of original content to show off in public. They intend to reach out to Piko to rectify the matter; hopefully, this little series of misunderstandings doesn’t put the project in jeopardy. This, among other things, is explained in the company’s post on reddit.


For any future news regarding the title, you can check out Golden Mushroom Studio’s Twitter, as they intend to use the account for this purpose.

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