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Ghostbusters 2016: Definitely The Worst Thing To Happen To Us Ever, Confirmed.

Ghostbusters 2016, has there been anything more controversial than this film? Apart from the genuine sense of dread that encompasses any political debate in any country and decisions supposed intelligent populations have made with complete disregard for future generations.

No I think that the reboot of a well liked film with a new cast severely lacking in male genitalia is indeed the worst thing and has ruined many childhoods in its wake.

Never mind that this film was really funny at a constant rate, easily having over 12-15 very memorable comedic moments and more spread around. It doesn’t matter that the casting choices of every single person in the film were well thought out and looked like they were having the time of their life because they were in a new Ghostbusters movie.

It means nothing to say that the risk of casting film rookies like Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones was an inspired choice and at times outshining the heavyweights of Hemsworth, McCarthy and Wiig which can only lead to more female leads of various ages and races being written, this is of course meaningless.

And how can we forget how insignificant it was that this film, unlike two solitary moments in the original, was proper scary and set the tone of the entire movie within the first scene so perfectly I wasn’t worried for the rest of the running time about the quality diminishing which it didn’t.

I was frankly astonished that Paul Feig had the audacity to reincorporate the original cast as some of the best cameos in recent memory, especially a momentary and touching tribute to Harold Ramis. The nerve of some people am I right?

Then there are the actual ghosts and let me tell you something about the ghosts, not only is the reason for the ghosts appearance based on actual scientific theories that are both believable and don’t seem forced but for some reason they made the ridiculous decision to make the ghosts look scary. As if they wanted the characters to be scared of the dead coming back to life. Huh, go figure I guess.

The new leads of the movie all work off each other really well, have both funny and relateable characters who obviously are very good at what they do and have spent years (barring Patty as she worked for the train company) honing their scientific approach to tasks. Which of course is the work of complete fiction as everyone knows women can’t do anything better than sort of qualified, bumbling, lucky and reckless fools who refused to disclose their methods to officials who were looking out for the betterment of the city they live in and the people close to them due to high levels of hubris in their system. Talk about suspension of disbelief.

Overall this film is of course terrible and I don’t know why anyone would think to make it in the first place and to give my tribute to the film I’m going to give it a score that is obviously wrong and no amount of past experience in a similar genre from any of the people involved will change that fact.

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