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Get to know the Character Classes in Bandai Namco’s Bless Unleashed

Bandai Namco and Round 8 Studio has released a handful of trailers for the upcoming MMO RPG Bless Unleashed which show off character classes in the game. As of now there are five classes in the game – The Berserker Class, Ranger Class, Priest Class, Crusader Class, and the Mage Class. Each class, as you can guess, gives the player a variety of ways to fight enemies in the world. Let’s begin by seeing what each class can do.

Berserker Class

Ranger Class 

Priest Class

Crusader Class

And last but not least the Mage Class

Bless Unleashed will come first to the Xbox One platform sometime this year and will be free-to-play for everyone. If you can’t wait to play the game, make sure you sign up for the beta here so you can be among the first to make them pray. Want to know more about the story? Here is a synopsis from Bandai Namco:

“Ancient betrayal and earthshaking disaster has led to thousands of years of enmity between the mortal and the divine. Now, heavenly whispers speak. The mad mistress of the dark, great and terrible Lumenas, will return to destroy the race of man and sink the earth into endless night. How long will she remain sealed before she breaks free to wreak havoc on the world?

Gather your allies close. As the unspeakable monsters of the world salivate for your grim end, stand fast and stoke your fury.

Your endless foes would see you weakened and beaten.

But you… You will make them pray.”

Source: Xbox Official Youtube channel, Bless Unleashed official website



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