Get Stronghold HD Free On GOG Right Now

Looking for something to play before the new games are released? The fine folks over at GOG are giving two games for free. The promotion is good until Thursday at midnight, Pacific time. These games are Stronghold HD and A.D. 2044.

As usualy for GOG, these games are completely DRM free. You won’t need to activate them or even be connected to the internet to play them. You can even store your DRM free games online so you can download them to a new machine if your rig dies (I store all of my DRM free games online for my own use).

Stronghold HD is a sort of hybrid between the city management and RTS genres. You build a stronghold and upgrade it according to your needs but you also must defend it when you are attacked. The game is primarily a single player experience but there is an option for up to 8 players to join a game via LAN or internet.

As for the other game, A.D. 2044, well… it looks like a point and click game. The game’s setting is in the future where women dominate the Earth and men are being turned into she-clones. Now the women have developed a super laser that only kills men. As if that is not enough, one woman has stolen some nuke warheads and plans to start a war.

Yeah, I am going to play Strongholds HD.

Via PCGamer

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