Get Rebel Galaxy for free from the Epic Games Store

If you are a PC gamer in search of something to play this weekend then you need look no further than the Epic Games Store. You can get Rebel Galaxy there for free and that deal is good until the end of June. Best of all, the game will be yours to keep after you “buy” it. There is no need to try and rush through it all weekend.

What is Rebel Galaxy, you ask? Well, it is a simulation game set in space with an emphasis on combat and trading. You are in control of a capital ship and while battling it out with your enemies is certainly an option, don’t overlook your abilities to negotiate your way out of a crisis or if all else fails – steal your way to the deal of a lifetime. You can watch the trailer for Rebel Galaxy below:

What I find particularly impressive is that the game was developed by a team of two. They have been hard at work on a sequel called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw which will be more of a space dogfighting game.

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