Get Ready for the First Ever Stadia Connect

After the reveal of Google’s Stadia, many have wondered how much will the service cost? What games will be available at launch? What’s the lowest recommended internet speed among many other things. With all these questions we were left with zero answers, especially with the service slated to launch later this year. Now as E3 looms closer, it seems Google is finally ready to speak once again. Google has announced that it will have a Stadia Connect this Thursday and that it will speak on games, pricing and so much more.

If you were interested by what was shown at the reveal, then this is definitely something you should have on your radar. This also goes for those who may need a little more convincing as well. Google has the opportunity to truly change the way we game, leaving the big three (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) to play catch up. But let us know what you think about Google Stadia in the comment section below and will you be checking out the event this Thursday?

Source: Stadia Twitter

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