Fallout 76

Get Fallout 76 on PC? You Might Be Able to Get a Refund

It appears that some people are not happy with Fallout 76. While nothing has been officially put out by Bethesda, there have been a few instances of people getting a refund for their purchase of Fallout 76. The current price cut it just received did not go over well with a lot of people who bought it day one and with a bag of reviews that shine negatively on it, Bethesda seems to have started to give refunds for the game if you bought it on PC (via players on ResetEra). Many of the negative experiences have been with the PC version anyway so this might be why refunds are supposedly being given out. A refund via Microsoft or Sony is probably going to be a totally different experience.

Is it really because of all the bugs? Is it because of the lack of NPCs? Griefers maybe? There might be a myriad of reasons why you would like a refund. Or is it because Bethesda decided to use their own game launcher instead of the famous Steam store? Launcher hopping isn’t for everyone after all. Bethesda using their own launch service might be the only reason why a refund is even possible. Bethesda doing everything “in house” probably gave them more wiggle room on the customer service aspect of things.

With the game still within its first two weeks of launch, and only one patch in (albeit one huge patch) it might still be too early to make the decision for a refund. You may consider waiting it out and seeing if it becomes a better experience further down the road. With all future DLC supposedly going to be free, and how games usually end up with mods on PC anyways, is it going to make more sense for you to get a refund now only to possibly spend the money again later in the future? Or with that in mind, scoop the game up now for ridiculously cheap and reap the rewards in the future with the free DLC and inevitable mods that will come out for the game. The official modded versions (when or if they show up) will probably end up on their own servers which is another reason why Bethesda probably took the approach of handling everything and total speculation at this point by myself.

For now, I’ll be giving Fallout 76 the ol’ college try and sticking with it. Hopefully you will stick with it too, if not, you can try for the refund thanks to Bethesda and their decision not to actually go through Steam and take care of the game all on their own.

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