Geralt Comes To Monster Hunter: World Today

Geralt Comes To Monster Hunter: World Today

A while ago, we learned that Capcom was planning an ambitious crossover event with The Witcher in Monster Hunter: World that would allow players to take on the role of a famous monster hunter: Geralt of Rivia.  If you’ve been eagerly waiting to play as him and start taking on contracts, you’re in luck, as Geralt comes to Monster Hunter: World today.

He should be available either right now or very soon on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox, according to an update from the official Monster Hunter Twitter account. There is no update on when this free update will be available on the PC version.

The collaboration sees Monster Hunter: World players take on the mantle of Geralt of Rivia — a professional monster slayer equipped with superhuman strength and reflexes — and has them take on a series of Witcher-inspired quests. These offer a unique gameplay experience blending RPG mechanics of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Monster Hunter: World’s game systems.

Geralt is a master swordsman considered one of the deadliest warriors in the world of The Witcher. Monster Hunter: World players get to utilize his signature fighting style, seamlessly blending swordplay, combat magic, and an assortment of monster hunting equipment.

Monster Hunter: World has been extremely successful, selling over 11 million copies in 2018. In addition to this crossover with The Witcher, Monster Hunter: World is getting a full expansion sometime in Autumn 2019. You can read about that right here.

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