Gears POP! Is Now Available With A New Trailer And Xbox Achievements

Gears POP! was originally teased during Xbox’s E3 2018, it was announced alongside the reveal of Gears 5 and Gears Tactics. Gears POP! brings the Gears of War franchise to mobile for the first time in this crossover with Funko. The game is available to download today on mobile devices and is also available to play and download on Window’s 10 PC. If you are not completely sold on the game, a brand new trailer was released today showcasing the game. If you are on the fence give the trailer a quick peek.

Gears POP! Launch Trailer


As well as being a mobile-focused game, Gears POP! also features Xbox Achievement support. The game has a full 1000GS with 45 achievements, and to answer your next question. Yes there is a “Seriously” achievement for Gears POP! Check out the full list of unlockable achievements below.

Name Description Gamerscore
It ain’t easy, bein’ green… Complete the Tutorial 10
Trooper Played 150 Troop Pins in Versus 5
Fortifiplaytion Played 25 Fortifications in Versus 10
Projectile Pro Played 25 Armaments in Versus 10
For Sera Killed the enemy Leader with the Hammer of Dawn in Versus 10
Territorial Captured 1000 pieces of cover in Versus 30
Covered Won a Versus Battle where you captured all available cover positions 20
Uncovered Won a Versus Battle without capturing cover 30
Superior Won a Versus Battle without losing any of your Outposts 10
Superiority Complex Won 100 Versus Battles without losing any of your Outposts 30
The cavalry has arrived! Killed 50 enemy Pins with Carmine’s Shotgun Blast skill in Versus Battles 20
Player POP! Played 10 Battles in any multiplayer mode 5
Pro Player POP! Played 500 Battles in any multiplayer mode 30
Prime Player POP! Played 1000 Battles in any multiplayer mode 60
Coalition of Ordered Wins Fully upgraded your Win Streak Gear Pack before opening it 30
Corporal Reached Player Level 5 10
Sergeant Reached Player Level 10 20
Major Reached Player Level 20 50
Put a Pin in it Collected a new pin from a Gear Pack 5
Put 20 Pins in it Collected 20 different Pins 20
Pin-nacle 1 Upgraded a Pin 5
Pin-nacle 2 Upgraded a Pin 3 times 10
Pin-nacle 3 Upgraded a Pin 10 times 20
Pin-nacle 4 Upgraded a Pin to max level 50
Arena Hunter Got promoted in Arena or League once 5
Arena Master Got promoted in Arena or League 3 times 20
League Rookie Reached the first league 30
League Legend Got promoted to the highest League 50
Bolo me away Killed 5 units at once with a single Frag Grenade in Versus 10
Power Trip Spent 100,000 Power in any multiplayer mode 30
Squad Goals Named one of your Squads 5
Time to Go! Destroyed 10 enemy Outposts with Kait Diaz in Versus 10
Well we’re not here to sell cookies! Used Marcus Fenix to capture 6 different pieces of cover in a single Versus battle 20
Rapid Engagement Won a Versus Battle within 2 minutes 15
Dominant Won a Versus Battle 3-0 15
Common Purpose Won a Versus Battle with a Squad consisting of only Common rarity Pins 15
War Chest 1 Earned 20,000 Coins 10
War Chest 2 Earned 200,000 Coins 15
War Chest 3 Earned 2,000,000 Coins 20
The Big Bad Defeated a Boss in Horde 10
Ankle Buster Cleared 50 Horde Waves 10
In the Pocket Cleared 250 Horde Waves 30
Endless Summer Cleared 500 Horde Waves 50
Never Go Alone Played Horde with 20 different allies 30
Seriously POP! Defeated 100,000 pins, won 1000 Versus Battles, reached highest League and cleared 1000 Horde Waves 100



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