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Gears of War is the King of Xbox

Now before Halo fans kill me, let me make this clear. There would not be an Xbox if Halo never existed. Halo will always hold a special place in our hearts. But it is time for Gears of War to take the crown.


When Gears of War 4 releases on October 7th it will be huge. There has not been as much hype surrounding a Xbox title in a long while. Though Halo 5 was a great success, Gears of War 4 will out do it. The most important aspect of this game is thatĀ IT WILL MOVE CONSOLES! Again, Halo 5 did as well, but it will not be on the same scale. Microsoft knows this. All around social media you can spot Gears of War ads. I cant count how many promoted ads I have seen on Twitter in the past week. You can bet your last dollar the TV ads are about to flood in. Not only is Microsoft showing Gears love in marketing, the software giant has also gone all in on the hardware.


Yes, the 2TB Xbox One S Gears console looks amazing. Yes, the themed elite controller looks amazing. But the JD Fenix controller stands out the most. Not only does it look absolutely gorgeous, it also shows a shift in the series. JD is now the forefront of the franchise and you damn well better recognize it. I personally pre-ordered the controller from Gamestop the moment I could. I feel playing with the Gears themed hardware enhances the experience . I guarantee Microsoft knows there are millions of others just like me. So bringing out as much Gears themed hardware as possible was is an obvious business choice.


Part of what makes Gears of War great is the man himself, Marcus Fenix. It is absolutely great knowing he is in Gears 4. Marcus Fenix is a Xbox Icon. One of only 2 as far as Xbox franchises go. Marcus and Spartan 117 have been competing for the crown since the Xbox 360. This time around we have old man Marcus. Like I stated before, JD Fenix is now the man. He will be key in the transition of the franchise. It will be very interesting to see the relationship between the two. Watching it play out could create lots of laughter, but for sure lots of drama. I’m sure JD wants to be out of the shadow of the war hero Marcus Fenix. As A side note, I wonder if we will see JD’s mom. I wonder how much Anya will be involved in Gears 4.


Now a huge factor on why Gears is king has to do with the multiplayer experience. What would gears be without wall bouncing to a kill with a gnasher shotgun. I can say from personal experience the multiplayer is amazingly fun. Yes, it still has that gears feel to it but much more fluid. Having the MP run at 60fps is a grand addition and what would Gears be without Horde Mode. Undoubtedly Horde Mode is one of the most anticipated modes by players. When the trailer for Horde was launched, Gear Heads everywhere rejoiced! Horde Mode 3.0 will have you pouring countless amount of hours into this game. The only thing you have to ask yourself is will you finish the campaign before you jump into multiplayer.

Gears of War 4 is set to be one of most highly anticipated game releasesĀ of the year. It has hopes to push the Xbox One like the original game did on the Xbox 360. This time around it’s up to JD Fenix and the team to own the crown. This game must deliver. I am going on record to saying it will. It is the king of Xbox and it’s time to show gamers why.

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