Gears 5 Producer Open To More Franchise Crossovers

There is no doubt that crossovers between big franchises can be some of the best forms of fan service in media. Whether its films, video games or comics, seeing our favorite characters cross universes can be all kinds of wholesome. It is no secret that Nintendo has been one of the most masterful at this. Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate featured 74 fighters at launch with 63 of them being returning fan favorites from past games. This is an insane level of fan service that we might not ever see again. Lately, Xbox has been dipping their toe in with a few crossovers/fan service moments of their own. This really started with Sea of Thieves getting a whole ship set based around the Halo franchise. This week during Gamescom we got our first look at Gears 5’s horde mode ahead of the games September 10th release date. One of the coolest aspects besides all the new horde changes was that two characters from Halo: Reach would be playable in horde with their own set of abilities.

To say fans ate it up is an understatement. Two of Xbox’s biggest franchises crossing over like this made fans ecstatic. Fans want more crossovers though, Youtuber Kidsmoove responded to The Coalitions studio head Rod Fergusson voicing his desire for a Battletoads crossover with Rash.

This wouldn’t mark Rash’s first appearance in a game outside of Battletoads as you can also find him as a DLC character in Killer Instinct. Rod Fergusson responded to the tweet by stating that “maybe if the fans made it clear this is something they really want then we could talk to the folks at Rare.”

The Xbox community on social media is one of the most vocal there is no doubt. It will be interesting to see if they rally behind the cause to get more crossover characters in Gears 5. Who would you like to see join the Gears 5 universe in an ultimate gaming crossover? Whether for horde or multiplayer, let us know in the comments!

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