Gears 4 Elite Controller Announced


The Xbox One Elite controller has been a huge success for Microsoft, competitive gamers love the new controller and it was even sold out for months on end. With the release of Gears of War 4 quickly approaching Microsoft has revealed a Gears theme Elite controller; the controller features the iconic Gears red as well as the COG logo and blood splatters all over.

The D-Pad also features logos of the weapon each direction brings up; the primary weapon on the right, the secondary weapon on the left, pistol on the bottom and grenades on the top. The controller all of the additional parts that the Elite controllers normally come with. It also comes with a special case in Gears red with the lancer on it. The entire controller is a thing of beauty and a must buy for any Gears fanatic.

The Gears 4 Elite controller will launch alongside the game on October 11.


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