Gaming on Windows 10 Jumped 50% Thanks to Xbox One Games Coming to PC

During the latest earnings call the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave us a glimpse into how well Xbox One games were doing on the Windows 10 Platform. It’s been a topic of heated debate since Phil Spencer started pushing Xbox exclusives to PC, and even caused fans to revolt when they announced that Quantum Break was launching simultaneously on Xbox and Windows 10.

“Bringing top Xbox One titles to Windows Store helped grow gaming hours on Windows 10 by 50% over the last quarter.” – Satya Nadella

Quantum Break launched on April 5th on Xbox One, so it’s unclear if that was included in these numbers, since the period in question ended on March 31st. However the launch of Gears of War and Rise of the Tomb Raider helped push popularity of the Windows 10 store, with Quantum Break continuing to outsell every other title on Windows 10, including the extremely popular Candy Crush title (which is free).

Phil Spencer did mention however that in the future that games will be released on Xbox One and Windows 10 where it makes sense. With the upcoming Gears of War on the horizon, it’s not a far fetched idea that the game will launch on both platforms. With Microsoft actively pushing gamers towards Windows 10 and DirectX 12, it’s not a surprising move, and it’s great to see that gamers overall have embraced this change.

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