GameStop to Allow Trade and Cash Towards Amazon Cash Program

In a bid to keep their business from becoming the next Blockbuster Video or Circuit City, GameStop is partnering with online retailer Amazon. A recent post by Cheap Ass Gamer on¬†Twitter have all but confirmed GameStop will allow people that want to trade in games or consoles to use their credit towards the Amazon Cash program. Since this is all happening on the 7th of June we won’t have to wait long to find out if this is true.

GameStop is hoping that by giving consumers a new reason to trade games in will give them a much needed boost. Will this make you shop at GameStop if you have given up on the brick and mortar stores? Is this just a hoax that hasn’t been confirmed by Amazon? Once you go the Amazon Cash site it shows that more retailers will be added soon. This is also like the Coin Star machines you see in stores. Trading in your coins for a code that can be used on Amazon or other retailers.

If you’re feeling as shocked as I am about this please let us know in the comment sections below. If this is real or fake we hear at will keep you updated on this story.

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