Games With Gold Titles For September 2016 Revealed

The next wave of Games with Gold titles have just been announced by Larry Hryb via his website. Without further ado, here are the September games.

Xbox One Games

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock ticgn

On September 1st you can try Earthlock: Festival of Magic. A new turn-based RPG with heavy emphasis on character customization and crafting items, Earthlock puts you in control of a band of unlikely heroes on a world that has stopped spinning ages ago.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China

ac china ticgn

Play as Shao Jun, the last assassin of the Chinese Brotherhood as she seeks vengeance against the Templars. This game will be available on September 16th.

Xbox 360 Games

Forza: Horizon

forza-horizon ticgn

The game that started the legendary spin-off series can be yours on September 1st. You start out at the bottom of the charts in a racing festival known as Horizon. Can you make it to the top and challenge the champion, Darius Flynt? Oh, and apparently Forza Horizon is going to be playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

mirrors_edge ticgn

Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge was a first-person action game that prioritized parkour and non-lethal combat over gunplay. You certainly can shoot enemies if you want to but experienced players typically choose not to. I remember getting dizzy more than once bounding across rooftops. You can play this on September 16th.

Don’t forget that all Games with Gold titles are playable on Xbox One. The two Xbox 360 games are yours to keep even if you let your Gold subscription expire.

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