Games With Gold For November

The games that are coming to Games with Gold for the month of November have been announced. The past few months have been decent in the games that we have been given. November is coming in fast and these four games are something for everyone.

Starting on the 1st players will get the chance to try out Trackmania Turbo for the Xbox One and NiGHTS into Dreams for the Xbox 360. Now once we hit the middle of the month look for Tales from the Borderlands for the Xbox One and Deadfall Adventures for the Xbox 360.

Now you only have a few days to get those games that came to us for the month of October. For the Xbox One it was Gone Home and The Turning Test. On the Xbox 360 front the two games where Raymen 3 and Medal of Honor: Airborne. Come join the multiplayer fun on Medal of Honor. I swear at least 100 people were playing last night.

Remember to add these games to your collection. Even if you stop paying for Xbox Live Gold, you will never lose the Xbox 360 games. It’s not like that other service.

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