Funimation to Show Live Action Kingdom Film in the U.S & Canada

If you are a fan of the Kingdom series and was hoping to see the live-action adaptation then Funimation has got you covered. Funimation has announced that it will bring over the Kingdom live-action film to the U.S and Canada. The film will have original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Funimation has also announced that the film will be in theaters this summer. Check out the trailer for the Kingdom live-action film below.

Mitchel Berger, the vice president of sales for Funimation, has this to say regarding the film: “This film is a truly epic and sets a new bar for anime and manga live-action adaptations on the same scale as a major Hollywood production.  Audiences everywhere will be wowed by ‘Kingdom.’” This is high praise given how inconsistent the anime live action adaptations have been. Even though given the quality of the series I’m sure it will be ok.

The story of Kingdom follows the Warring States period in China where to brothers Xin Li and Piao who both dreams of becoming Great Generals I the military despite being low-status orphans. One day the two encounter a man of high status who gives Piao the opportunity to take on a job in the royal palace. Everything seemed to be going well for the two, that’s until a coup d’état occurs in the palace where Paio ends up dying. With his brother dead how will Xin climb the ranks?

Are you a fan of the Kingdom series? If so, what do you think about the live action series and will you be checking it out when it debuts in theaters? Let us know in the comment section below.

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