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Funimation to introduce a tiered membership system

Funimation has announced that it will be introducing a new tiered membership system for its subscribers on April 10th. The new program will have 3 tiers:  Premium, Premium Plus, and Premium Plus Ultra. As for what you will get with these tiers, well… pretty much the same thing as before. Each tier will still give you ad-free content as well as HD streaming and both English and Subtitled versions of anime shows. However, there are some differences with each of these tiers. **Note these tiers will be for the U.S and Canada.**

The Premium tier will be $5.99 per month and will allow two users to stream simultaneously.

The Premium Plus tier will cost $7.99 per month. This one will allow up to five simultaneous user streams. It will also allow:

  • users to download episodes to their Android or iOS devices
  • will include access to “special member only-events” in members’ areas
  • and offers benefits at the Funimation Shop.

The Premium Plus Ultra membership, which is $99.99 per year, and will include everything you get with Premium Plus. Users who purchase this will also get the following:

  • added benefits of an annual gift on your membership anniversary,
  • two free Pay-Per-View rentals each year (coming soon)
  • AND free shipping on all orders from Funimation Shop (no minimum purchase).


Let us know how you feel about the new Funimation tiered system and which tier you will be getting in the comment section below.

Source: Funimation 

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