Frozen: Olaf’s Quest Became a Nintendo Select for Some Reason

Ah, the Nintendo Selects…It’s always wonderful getting to nab modern classics for as little as $19.99, whether they be the likes of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World, or remastered oldies like Ocarina of Time 3D. Yet, for better or for worse, money is what makes the world go round; there are times where regardless of the game’s quality, numbers of it will sell no matter what due to marketing. That must be where this abomination of a Nintendo DS/3DS game comes in and one may just be Frozen: Olaf’s Quest.

As you can probably tell, I hate Frozen: Olaf’s Quest with a passion, and for everything it stands for. Because this extremely dull, lifeless, beyond easy, cheaply made platformer stars the most marketable snowman since Frosty, Disney apparently talked this thing up with Nintendo lately. It somehow found its way as a Nintendo Select at the price of $9.99, as shown on Nintendo’s own game page.

Granted, the price is a discount for now on that page, but no matter what price it is, please avoid this thing at all costs.  There are many, many, many kids games that do a much better job at being games. Even fun ones at that. Don’t give Game Mill any more cash than they’ve already obtained from this hack job being a high seller back in 2014.

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