Friday the 13th: The Game Has a Release Date

Coming next month players will get the chance to play as the vial killer Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th: The Game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC as digital downloads on May 26th. Watch the announcement trailer below.


Players will get the chance to play as either Jason or seven different counselors in a multiplayer match to the death. Players will get the chance to play in three different maps that include Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, and Packanack Lodge.  Now the game won’t have a single player mode until later in the summer. That will be a free add-on when it is released. This game is being developer by Gun Media and IllFonic. To get some more information and maybe even talk to the developers check out their Facebook page.

As we get closer the to release of the game TiCGN will cover any news as it pops up. I’m 99% sure that I will be reviewing the game once it is released if no one else is up to it. Maybe we could have a TiCGN bloodbath match, I used to absorb horror movies like this when I was younger.

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