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Frame Rate VS Graphics (Part 2)

Ah, the return of this ongoing debate between frame rate vs. graphics. Who shall prevail? Now we’re approaching the last final topic of this back and forth argument. Now this week’s question is which frame rate or graphics is more costly for the consumer’s pocket? This is important because, if anything, gamers participate in a expensive hobby as it already is. Saving a few bucks here and there is going to win the majority of gamers’ hearts, causing them to investing in a product (providing that the outcome meets expectations). Today we shall see which product demands more out our wallet!

Frame Rate (Fps)

Fps requires three different resources. Let’s start off with the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The CPU can help out fps by loading each single visual frame in a game faster & consistently to portray smoother and realistic movement to the eye. The other resource, the video card (a.k.a graphics card). The video card creates output images that is then displayed on a screen. If you’re confused, in simpler terms, video cards creates the image and the CPU helps those series of images run more naturally. RAM (Random Access Memory) is also a factor with supporting fps. Essentially what is proven about RAM is that the more memory you have the better your games will run, fps wise. It does this by help communicating with the video card/graphics card to provide a smoother fps.

Frame Rate - TiCGN

Frame Rate (3 hardware’s): (Products from Amazon & Newegg)
* CPU Amazon: $10.75-$1,830.30. | Newegg: $69.49-$1,749.99.
* Video Card Amazon: $19.99-$1,721.55 | Newegg:$32.98-$989.98

*RAM Amazon: $13.05-$2,201.89 | Newegg:$25.99-154.99


Graphics require only one resource and that’s the video card. “Come on that can’t be it”, you say? Well I’m sorry it seems to look that way. Arguments could be made about the CPU having a hand in tampering with the graphics, but, unfortunately, it just doesn’t. The CPU speeds up fps visuals and loading sequences in a game. The CPU simply does not improve graphic quality. Onto the video card (graphics card). It’s pretty much very self explanatory. If you don’t know, it’s basically going to control how high or low you want your graphics to look.

Graphics - TiCGN

Graphics (1 hardware) : (Products from Amazon & Newegg)
* Video Card Amazon: $19.99-$1,721.55 |Newegg: $32.98-$989.98

Money wise, there seems to be a obvious knockout in the second round as for the product which is more likely to empty your wallet a little bit. What do you think? Are you still fighting with fps or have you changed to graphics? Or is it the other way around? Let us know in the comments below!

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