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Four retro games added to Nintendo Switch Online library

It has been a long time since any new NES or SNES games have been added to the Nintendo Switch Online library. The drought between game additions for the paid subscription service has been somewhat mitigated with the announcement of four new titles that will be made available on February 19th. Don’t jump out of your seat with joy at the prospect of reliving your old childhood memories. Odds are that most of you never played these relatively obscure games on your consoles back in the day. In fact, two of them have never officially been released in the United States before. Let’s have a look at what’s coming, shall we?

SNES Games – We will start with the two titles from Nintendo’s 16-bit console. The first game is Smash Tennis which was originally developed and published by Namco for the Super Famicom (known as Super Family Tennis in Japan). Virgin Interactive would release the game in Europe but nobody has bothered to officially release it in the United States until now.

The other SNES game coming to the Nintendo Switch Online library this month is Popn’ TwinBee. This game comes from Konami and while the series has a long history in Japan, it is not very well known in the USA. It’s a top-down shoot-em-up with brightly colored sprites and a “cutesy” aesthetic. Personally, I think it is pretty cool to see some of these overseas games come to North American gamers.

NES Games – Don’t forget that there are two NES games coming in February as well. The first is Shadow of the Ninja from Natsume which is actually a very good side-scrolling action game. It will never be as popular as Ninja Gaiden but if you like retro games you might want to check this one out.

And finally, we have Eliminator Boat Duel. Think of this game as kind of like R.C.Pro-Am with boats. As you win races you earn money you can use to repair and upgrade your racer. I have never played this one before but will definitely check it out.

All of these games have been updated with online multiplaayer modes for the Nintendo Switch.

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