Forza Motorsport 6 Is Free To Play This Weekend

Need something to play this weekend? Xbox One owners with an active Gold subscription can download Forza Motorsport 6 right now and play it as much as they like until Monday morning. If you decide you like the game then you can buy it directly from Xbox Live for $29.99 USD which is cheaper than a physical copy of the game from Amazon. Even if you do not buy it, your progress can be saved to the cloud in case you pick the game up later. This is also a good opportunity to gain some extra points in the Forza Hub and hopefully enter a higher tier which unlocks additional cars in Forza Horizon 3 when that game releases next month.

Forza Motorsport 6 released last year and is generally regarded as one of the premier racing games on Xbox One. Improvements to the series include night driving which can actually impact the performance of your vehicle. Without the heat provided by sunlight, the in-game tracks will cool and reduce the grip of your tires. You will have to adjust to the impact on your ability to handle the car while zipping around those turns. The game has also added rain which collects in puddles that correspond to where rainwater would actually collect in the real world counterparts of these tracks. If hydroplaning often occurs on a stretch of the Nurburgring then you will likely have to deal with it in the game at some point.

Are you going to check out Forza Motorsport 6 this weekend?

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