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Forza 6 Gets a Limited Edition Console

Forza 6 Limited Edition Console
To celebrate 10 years of Forza Motorsport, Microsoft has unveiled a special limited edition Xbox One for this occasion. The new Xbox One will include a digital copy of Forza Motorsport 6, a 1TB HD, and custom controller and system. Both the console and controller are inspired by the Ford GT, with racing stripes on each. The stripes disappear/reappear when light hits them in certain ways. The controller, which is the new 3.5mm headset version, has a grip on the back (like the steering wheel) and the triggers are titanium colored (like the headlights). The system has 3 different sounds one for the disc drive, one for powering on the console, and one more for turning it off. This will come out September 15th, the same day as Forza 6 hits shelves, and will cost you $399 US and is up for preorder on the Microsoft Store and at select retailers. Also if you just want the controller then you can buy that on the same day.

With 450 cars, Forza 6 is going to have the largest amount of cars, at launch than any other game in the series. It also adds rain, night driving, and 26 different tracks to race on.

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